Meet our Coaches!

Jaime grew up skiing in Boise on what used to be the Bogus Basin Freestyle Ski Team. Joining the team at only 8 years old she loved all aspects of freestyle skiing. Competing in Upright Aerials, Inverted Aerials, Mogul skiing, and Acro Skiing. At the young age of 17 she was junior national champion in Upright & Inverted aerials combined.

At 18 she moved to Utah to seek out more opportunity to pursue her freestyle skiing career. In 2000 she started to ski professionally in Freeride & Big Mountain skiing. In 2001 she won the first ever women's US Open in Slopestyle skiing. The next year she placed 2nd to the belated Sarah Burke.

At the time, it looked grim for the sport of Slopestyle to become an Olympic sport, so she pursued a career as an Inverted Aerialist for the US Freestyle Ski Team. After 7 years as a member of the US Aerials team and having missed the Olympics by one spot again, she retired in 2010

"Coming home and coaching young athletes is a dream. I look forward to sharing my experiences and to help Idaho's youth develop in the sport of freestyle skiing."

In her spare time she works as an SEO professional for a local Boise company.


Stephen Dickens

Josh Loubek has been involved with the sport of Freeskiing from the very beginning. As a pioneer and athlete of the sport,  he competed in multiple high level competitions ranging from the X-Games to the Red Bull Big Air and Skiercorss events.

When Josh retired as an athlete, he then expanded into judging Freeskiing events and also helped establish the AFP (Association of Freeskiing Professionals) . Josh's judging experience extends from being head judge of the X-Games and Sochi Olympics to judging over 50 global events and FIS world Championships.

Josh also loves coaching in his spare time. He has been a part of and coached many international camps such as the New Zealand Freeskier camp and Camp of Champions in Whistler B.C. to national camps and teams such as the High North and TEAM SHRED.


Josh Loubek


Jaime Myers

Stephen's dad put him on a pair of skis before he could walk and took him to work with him (he was a ski instructor at Northstar) every day so he could learn to ski. Once he completed Ski School he got onto the Northstar race team and then became competitive. Eventually he started racing for the Far West Division.

In junior high all of his friends stared to snowboard because it was the "cool thing to do" in the winter. So keeping with the trend he switched over to snowboarding. At this time he was also playing Basketball for school.

In high school, he was cut from the basketball team, so as fate would have it, he went back to skiing. This was the time when freesking just started to become popular. After a few years of hitting rails and jumps, Stephen entered into his first local contest and won. It was history from there!

Stephen went on to compete in numerous local and national competitions, where he regularly was on the podium.

Skiing has always been, and will probably always be one of his favorite things to do, there is nothing like stepping into some skis and jumping, sliding, and shredding down the mountain. From the park to the backcountry, it's all good!